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About Yegna

Yegna is an Ethiopian Restaurant that specializes in African recipes. We enjoy exploring new tastes deep into the origins of the African culture, and most specifically around Ethiopian cookery because we believe that there’s so much untapped sweetness the closer to “natural” we get with foods.

What do you want most in food apart from taste which is everyone’s expectations as they walk into a restaurant? You want quality. You want value. Yegna restaurant features quality and high-value recipes that are carefully chosen for scrumptious meals that not only keep you healthy but also help in the excellent development of the body for young lads.

Our Ethiopian cuisines incorporate a variety of ingredients that may be somewhat foreign to you, so why don’t we have a quick look at what we’re serving you? You should expect meaty meals, spicy or otherwise, and vegies as well for your dishes. This cookery also features Lenten season meals, special-occasion meals and dairy products among others. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the Ethiopian coffee with its signature mark to every meal and traditional ingredients are the least we can offer for your special meal options.

Start your mornings with injera sushi and satisfy your vegie wants with both injera lasagna and our pasta with injera. Injera is an Ethiopian high-value flatbread that has a spongy texture and a deep sour taste. An eragrostis tef, or simply known as tef, is a lovegrass species of grass that grows annually and has edible seeds. Injera was traditionally made out of flour made from grinding these seeds.

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To enjoy your meals without being held back or barred by high prices, we have set friendly prices for you. They are also flexible so that, depending on surrounding factors or circumstances, the prices can be reasonably high or low.


Welcome to your eating paradise, where topnotch cooking is a common kitchen activity for your nonstop satisfaction. Our quality and high-value recipes enable us to deliver not only toothsome foods but also luscious beverages.


Go premium? Our premium services are exclusive to paid/registered members, and a registration earns you premium privileges. How would you like an access to a variety of all the Ethiopian foods you love?

Enjoy your every-day meal with our Ethiopian tibs. Our chicken and zilzil tibs are excellent for your lunch and dinner and our Yegna specials feature delicious Yegna tibs and derk tibs. Basically, sautéed meat and vegetables make tibs. We serve various tibs depending on your preference of the sauté, meat condition and amount of vegetables in the tib. They will, therefore, be available mild, hot or contain vegetables of varied amounts. Remedius Prutky, after visiting Ethiopia in the 18 th Century, described tibs as grilled meat served in portions to pay respects or compliments. Today, we serve tibs on special holidays and events; but you can still try them at any other time.
Explore our top Yegna specials with our kitfo pick. Kitfo is an ingredient and recipe that consists of rare and raw minced meat marinated in a spicy chili, mitmita powder. Kitfo is also an invaluable ingredient in zilbo, Yegna kintot and Gomen Kitfo recipes; it is an excellent pick for someone who enjoys new tastes or is already familiar with it.
More Recipes
Register a memorable experience with our tomato firfir or yesuf firfir for your breakfast and tuna firfir for your favorite meal. Known by many as fit-fit, this dish can be made from shredding injera or chechebsa, or otherwise known as kita/kitcha, (unleavened bread) fried with spices and is eaten with honey.
Enjoy berbere in your misto, doro fanta, bozena shiro and pasta with injera. This Ethiopian pepper, berbere, has been found comparable to the Southwestern American chili powder. It is made of powdered chili combined with other spices to delivery that rich taste. Usher in the Meskel with an upgrade to your dish with gomen kitfo today and experience some finger-licking tastiness. Gomen kitfo is made from the lose-leafed collard greens which are first brought to boil before they’re dried then chopped finely. Enjoy this, served with a combination of butter and spices.

ethiopian recipes in calgary
ethiopian recipes in calgary
ethiopian recipes in calgary