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    Prepared using unique blend pieces of injera and hot aromatic species, cubed lean beef tomatoes, onion, and garlic to give it a distinctive flavor. served with cottage cheese.
    dark ribs/kitfo, gored gored (good for 3 people)
    HASEL TIBS$29.99
    TIRE SAGA FULL$35.00
    TIRE SAGA HALF$25.00
    GODEN TIBS$27.99
    beef ribs
    • Are you feeling a little bored with the same old starters for your meals? Well, why don’t you try a whole new experience with Yegna’s top and fine options of Ethiopian starter-recipes? We believe that you will love them.
      Yegna starters feature typical African recipes. Enjoy flat bread, shredded, with clarified butter, spiced, and berbere, “hot spice”; in a typical Ethiopian fir fir. We have more of anebabero, kategna and even azifa recipes and would love for you to join us in exploring all this tastiness.
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    • Nothing appeases a wanting appetite better than a delectable meal. We feel your yearning for high-value food, and therefore present to you a desirable menu. While the quality of the foods is undoubtedly stellar and the preparation prompt, we strive to serve you better and will, therefore, always work on making our taste better.
      Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a whole meal of Ethiopian cuisine? Our main meals feature rare and tasty recipes like the Ethiopian tibs (this a stew-cum-stir fry that is meaty and can, depending on specified amounts, be spicy), chacha, misto and gomen besiga recipes.
    • Ever gone to a restaurant and received a menu prescription that was described as “special”? Well, that’s exactly what it is. Specials are not usually available on a regular basis, either due to availability issues or preparation complexities and thus possible delays. These foods are also unique from the ones you come across regularly on the menu.
      Want to try our specials and experience what most of our frequenters do? These specials are picked just for you with the guarantee that you’ll lick your fingers all the way. Enjoy the Yegna special tibs, Yegna shiro and Yegna Kitnot recipes among many more. Don’t miss out!


      Yegna is an Ethiopian Restaurant that specializes in African recipes. We enjoy exploring new tastes deep into the origins of the African culture, and most specifically around Ethiopian cookery because we believe that there’s so much untapped sweetness the closer to “natural” we get with foods.
      What do you want most in food apart from taste which is everyone’s expectations as they walk into a restaurant? You want quality. You want value. Yegna restaurant features quality and high-value recipes that are carefully chosen for scrumptious meals that not only keep you healthy but also help in the excellent development of the body for young lads.
      Our Ethiopian cuisines incorporate a variety of ingredients that may be somewhat foreign to you, so why don’t we have a quick look at what we’re serving you? You should expect meaty meals, spicy or otherwise, and vegies as well for your dishes. This cookery also features Lenten season meals, special-occasion meals and dairy products among others. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the Ethiopian coffee with its signature mark to every meal and traditional ingredients are the least we can offer for your special meal options.

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